From “Tough Talk About You and Your Board” workshop participants at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, Chicago, 2008:“Fabulous presenter.  Knowledgeable, engaging, great material:  wish I had a week with her.”

“Fabulous.  As a board member I have been vaulted quite suddenly into a chair’s position.  I recognize our board must transition from event based organization to one ready for major gifts and capital campaigns.  Kay was exactly what I wanted from this conference.”

From the Director of Professional Development for Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS) following a workshop for boards and heads of schools, 2007:  “As with your (previous) presentations, you once again delivered two great sessions.  You were able to connect with both trustees and heads – which is not an easy task – and deliver a message that was very helpful to our schools.  Your presentations were clear, thoughtful and engaging.”
From one of the PNAIS participants:  “I certainly do now know why everyone speaks so highly of you!  I thank you for inspiring me with your passion, knowledge and sense of humor.”
From a public television station:  “Thank you for speaking so eloquently and passionately at our dinner.  Your message resonated with everyone.  Several expressed their compliments with glowing remarks and that alone is quite a feat and makes the evening a major success.  We are grateful for your sharing your knowledge, time and talents with us.  Benefits are being reaped:   inspired donors and volunteer leaders, renewed memberships.  Thanks, again.”
From a workshop participant in Tucson, Arizona, 2008: back to top “The benefits gained from the information you provided will be compounded over time to provide needed social services to our community.  It was timely, relevant, and beautifully delivered.  Aside from the valuable insights, it was your compassion and authenticity that I most admired.  Your genuine interest in healing our planet touched me.”
From a participant in the Blood Centers of America leadership retreat, 2008:  “I am returning to my office full of ideas, energy and optimism following your dynamic presentation.  Thank you for so personally addressing our blood center issues and sharing your expertise and passion.”
From CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) regarding presentation made in November 2007:  “It is a special pleasure to congratulate you for being designated as a “Faculty Star” by virtue of the feedback from conference participants.  The Faculty Star designation is based on combined scores of 4.5 or better (on a 5.0) scale) and it places you in the top echelon of all CASE faculty in three categories:  knowledge of subject matter, presentation skills, and ability to respond to questions.”

From the Nonprofit Support Center Partnership for Excellence Conference chairs:  “As one of the two keynote speakers, your role was extremely vital to setting the tone of the conference.  And what a great job you did!  Your presentation, “Understanding the Mind of the 21st Century Donor” was an overwhelming success.  Your presentation scored a 5.6 on a scale of 1 – 6 with 6 being excellent…Your presentation was dynamic and engaging, and your content was very helpful to the nonprofits and foundations present..Thank you very much for setting the tone at the start of the conference with your excellent and engaging speech and presentation.”
From the evaluation form for a retreat for staff and foundation boards of a major hospital system:  “The most meaningful part of the program for me was realizing the value of AAA and seeing that our board will embrace this as we go forward.”  And another wrote:  “The most meaningful part for me was the program, ‘Putting AAA to Work’ by Kay Sprinkel Grace.”
From the Executive Director of a Habitat for Humanity organization, following a board retreat:  “Wow!  Thank you.  You are really something!  Even after just arriving from Europe you were so sharp and focused and so attentive.  I loved watching you in action!  You covered our topic so well.  You drew everyone in so they’d stay engaged and so they would contribute.  I was so impressed with the way you were able to remember names and the way you used people’s comments later in your training…Your reputation was excellent, but your product was even better.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution to our future success!”

From the Chair of an AFP fundraising day in the Mid-West:  “Your wisdom and presentation skills were awesome and you made our event truly memorable for all those who attended.”

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